SPORT TRUCK CONNECTION is the weekly television program dedicated to the hottest segment of the new vehicle market, light trucks. The show reports on pickup trucks, SUV's, vans, and multi-purpose vehicles in a real world testing format, rather than with race track procedures, in order to better reflect the types of usage most owners are interested in.
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Mike Vieira, host of SPORT TRUCK CONNECTION.

In addition to vehicle reports, the SPORT TRUCK CONNECTION also includes travel segments with interesting places to go and things to do with light trucks, informational segments on items of interest to light truck owners, and product segments showcasing parts and accessories to viewers.

SPORT TRUCK CONNECTION is not a "technical" or "how-to" show, but rather, it's purpose is to entertain and inform a broad audience spectrum with information on new vehicles and things to do with them. This "one of a kind" format has proven to be popular with audiences across the country as the show's viewer base continues it's rapid expansion.

On the air since 1998, Sport Truck Connection is syndicated nationally to broadcast, cable, and satellite channels through United Sports Media. For syndication information please contact

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